A Wish For Santa 

by Shay Healy & Michael Scott

Did you know that SANTA has a "Magic Book of Wishes" which grows bigger and bigger every year when its filled with the wishes of all the children in the world.

Santa keeps all the letters he gets from Children in the Magic book and when its Christmas he reads the letters and knows who wants what and how goof they have been all Year.

But GRUNTMORE the Space Villian has others ideas, so he sends his ROBBER ROBOTS to steal Santa's Magic Book of wishes so that he can have ALL the presents that Santa's Elves have made ... for HIMSELF !!!

So Santa enlists the help of EDDIE his right hand Elf and Space adventurer JET STARR to get the book back from GRUNTMORE who has taken it to his Evil Space Lair ... far away across the Galaxy -

BUT ...

they can't do it alone - they need YOUR help to defeat Gruntmore ...

the show ends with a fantastic Lazer Sword battle between EDDIE and GRUNTMORE ... but who wins ... you have to come along to find out ...

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  • John Matthews