BY MICHAEL SCOTT (after Bram Stoker)

a new version by written and directed by Michael Scott - 

originally commissioned by Lekfelag Aquirei and performed in Iceland in Icelandic Starring Vidar Eggertsson as Dracula - the English version premiered in 1997 at the RHA Downstairs on the 100th Anniversary of Bram Stoker - 

At the RHA -Downstairs - the audience walked into a forest - and were moved at various times into different spaces sitting on all kinds of chairs and objects - design was by Michael McCaffery, Lighting and Music by Michael Scott.

An updated version play at the Tivoli Theatre Dublin 2010 with Lukas Hassle as Dracula


Dracula  - Vidar Eggertsson 

Harker - Feidhlin Hillary 

Mina - Tara Quirke

Lucy - Andre Edmunds

Renfield - Derek Chapman 

Dr Seward- Michael Forde

Van Helsing _ Stanley Lloyd

Arthur - Brian Thunder

Maid - Debbie Leading