Fragments of Isabella 

By Isabella Leitner, 

Adapted for the stage by Michael Scott and Gabrielle Reidy 

with Gabrielle Reidy 

Rehearsals took six months, Gabrielle and John Comiskey, the lighting designer both went to Auschwitz. I had been to Dachau. 

The Production opened in the Dublin Theatre Festival at the Damer Theatre in 1985. 

It played in Waterford, Limerick and & Galway. 

It also played in English and French for 40 performances at the Avignon Fringe Festival 1987 being listed in the top ten attractions.

It also played at Watermans Arts Centre in London and at Chapter One Arts Centre in Wales. 

It subsequently played at the Abbey Theatre Dublin(Peacock Stage) and was was made into a movie by Ronan O Leary. (all photos by Amelia Stein)