by Shay Healy and Michael Scott

Santa takes on the Abominable Snowman when he  sleigh gets stuck in the show 

Christmas Eve and Santa ‘s in on his way when the Abominable Snowman stops his deliveries with a Big Chill that will keep him snowbound until

Easter ! Santa is in a bad humour and the Abominable Snowman is even worse. The Elves beg him to lift the fog but he refuses. Why should he have to stay here in the cold if they can go off and have mince pies and warm firesides? But the Elves hatch a plan to outwit the Snowman with some hilarious wheezes that gets them all airborne again in time for the big day.


SANTA - Robert O Connor 

ALF  ELF - Shane Fallon 

OLLIE ELF - Declan McGauran

AUROA (the Christmas Fairy App) - Bridget Nolan 

THE YETI - Declan McGauran

Directed by Michael Scott

Designed by Michael McCaffery