By Billie Traynor


Deirdre Monaghan, Billie Traynor and Karl O'Neill

Directed by Liam Halligan

Direct from Bewleys Cafe Theatre Dublin

"From the moment I saw you I distrusted you"

Gwendolen and Cecily, Oscar Wilde’s most famous ladies, meet twenty years later and the barbs are still flying!

1913. High summer. An English country garden.

Cecily Moncrieff is whiling her life away with rose-pruning and interpretative dance, when her eminently respectable sister-in-law, Gwendolen turns up on a surprise visit. Before long, these two old friends are battling it out, once more, over the tea and cake. This time it’s a struggle for whose is the right way of life, as the women face into a century of change and daunting new fashion trends. It’s a meeting of unexpected revelations with some great one-liners along the way!

A comedy of accusations, insults and worst of all, manners!