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adapted by Michael McCaffery

Lorna Quinn – Jane Eyre

Philip Judge – Rochester / Coachman / Voices

Sinead Murphy - Miss Abbott/Miss Temple/Grace Poole/ Eliza Reed/Blanche Ingram/ Mary Rivers/ Voices

Kieran Gough - Brocklehurst/2nd Servant/Colonel Dent/St John Rivers/ Voices

Deirdre Monaghan - Mrs Reed/ Miss Scatcherd/ Mrs Fairfax /Hannah / Voices

Jonathan Tynan - John Reed/ Pilot/1st Servant/Lord Ingram /Richard Mason/Voices

Phoebe Toal - Bessie/ Helen Burns/ Adele/Diana Rivers/ Voices

Designed and Directed by Michael McCaffery

Lighting & Music Michael Scott

Michael McCaffery's new adaptation tackled the challenge of moving from page to stage head-on with a virtuoso array of theatre styles, tapping into the rich theatricality of Bronte's original and expressing it through live performance, music ,video and multi-media presentation.

A company of six joined Jane Eyre to bring her "autobiography " to life in a world that crosses Cagliari's Cabinet with the Box of Delights, revisting both the novel and its sources.

The cast played almost thirty parts, as well as evoking a vanished world of sounds and smells, sights and memories live and in real time before your very eyes in an ambitious blend of ancient and modern, past and present.

Charlotte Bronte’s love story with a difference takes an unconventional heroine - the plain, unremarkable governess Jane Eyre - and charts her growth to passionate, independent womanhood as she pursues her dream of marrying the man of her choice - the mysterious and tempestuous Edward Rochester.

JANE EYRE is a story of love and madness, passion, retribution and self-fulfillment. Set against the tumultuous landscape of the Yorkshire Moors, this Victorian masterpiece of mystery and suspense is also a highly personal account of one woman’s victory over the prejudice and discrimination which face her and thousands like her.

Acclaimed and decried in equal measure when it first appeared, JANE EYRE was quite literally, a sensation. Its outspoken attitude towards society, religion and sex was revolutionary, while the rich mix of melodrama, Gothic horror and tempestuous romance makes for a theatrical tour-de-force.

Mysterious, sensual, secretive, brutal—and often humorous, JANE EYRE is part psychological study, part fairy tale. Featuring some of Ireland’s most exciting emerging talent, City Theatre Dublin’s new adaptation draws on a variety of theatre and performance styles to bring this powerful, vital drama to life onstage. Adapted and directed by Michael McCaffery, followed the company’s acclaimed version of WUTHERING HEIGHTS.