Life After Love 

by Billie Traynor 

The rough guide to men, make-up and parenthood…for the middle-aged, menopausal Divorcee...this tragi-comedy of the female condition, a touching and side-splitting take on the ways in which we torture ourselves for a little Lovin’.

Written and performed by Billie Traynor.

Newly divorced Daisy Magill is packing up a lifetime of make-up, selling her home and going on a journey.  Join her in a series of hysterical, clumsy and downright disastrous attempts at finding new love…with songs! From the fizzy “Nobody Loves a Fairy When She’s Forty” to the pathos of “Send in the Clowns”, this cabaret show frames her doomed dates, and questions if there is indeed life after love after menopause? 

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