Mrs Whippy

By Cecelia Ahern

"Has anyone out there – ever felt what its like to drown?


They’re the moments that break us.

They’re the moments that make us – put ourselves

back together again "

City Theatre Dublin & MCD presented the World Premiere of Cecelia Ahern's funny,  heartwarming and moving first play, MRS. WHIPPY brings Emelda O'Grady to life in a "tour de Force" performance by MARY McEVOY.

This moving, heart-warming, and funny piece focuses on Emelda O’Grady, a 46 year old woman dealing with five difficult sons, a split marriage and a new job. 
The soothing sounds of a Mr. Whippy van arrive at just the right time for Emelda, only now it’s not just the ice-cream that is her only true friend...

Cecelia Ahern mixes laughter with tears in equal measure to create this humorous portrait of a woman finding her own place in the world. A lovely joyous journey through this woman's life

“The best revenge is finding happiness again …”

“Indulgence that slips down easy" (Irish Times) 

“As far as successful debuts go, Cecelia's play ticks all the boxes" (Irish Mail) 

The Ingredients for a good modern drama are here” (Sunday Irish Mail)

"Cecilia Ahern's calorific unstoppable play slowly taking over the world..."(Peter Crawley)

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