The Following 26 individual plays were performed at the SFX CITY THEATRE in Upper Sherrard Street, under the collective title of Mysteries 2000 – 

they were performed one after each other and no attempt was made to join them together – 

all were directed by Michael Scott.

Each play can be performed at any time without reference to the others – they are modern re-wokings of the York Guild plays

Creation By Michael McCaffery

The Fall Of Lucifer By Michael McCaffery

Parliament of Heaven By Derek Chapman

Cain and Able By Aidan Matthews

Noah By Fergus Linihan

Moses By Joe O Byrne

Abrahan & Issac By Johnny Hanrahan

Jesus Mary & Joseph By Michael McCaffery

Nativity By Michael McCaffery

Song of Songs by Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill

The Death of Herod By Pat Kinivan

John The Baptist By Declan Gorman

Lazarus By Gavin Kostic

The Adulteress Woman By Joe O Connor

Temptation By Joe O Connor

The Buffeting By Gavin Kostic

Pilates Wife By Mary Elizabeth Burke Kennedy

Council of Jews By Derek Chapman

The Last Supper By Aidan Matthews

My Mind of questions By Brendan Kennelly

Betrayal By Brendan Kennelly

The Death of Judas By Michael Scott

The Harrowing Of Hell By Gavin Kostic

The Ascension By Deirdre Purcell

Judgement DAY By Michael McCaffery

The Omeaga – By Michael Scott


Lukas  Hassel 

Jimmy Watson 

Amy Conroy 

John Matthews

Derek Chapman 

Phyllis Ryan 

Andre Edmunds

Cynthia Buchan 

Victor Burke

Sarah O'Toole 

Directed by Michael Scott

Designed by Browen Cassin 

Music - Conor Linihan - Michael Scott

Stage Manager - Eva Walsh

Musicians : 

Cormac De Barra

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