A  New Opera by Michael Scott 

based on the play 

by W.B.Yeats

William Butler Yeats was born near Dublin in 1865, and was encouraged from a young age to pursue a life in the arts.

 As a writer in nearly every genre but the novel, he was an instrumental figure in the "Irish Literary Revival" of the 20th Century that redefined Irish writing. 

Yeats was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1923, and received honorary degrees from Queen's University (Belfast), Trinity College (Dublin), and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. "The Dreaming of the Bones" was first published in 1919 and performed in 1931, it was one of the plays that comprised Yeats' "Four Plays for Dancers".

Written in the Japanese Noh tradition, performed with masks, the play reflects on a belief that the dead may dream back.

The Opera opens with a character that emerges from the earth - attempting to form words and eventually declaiming the opening words of the Irish Proclamation - as the character sinks back into the earth two "musicians" vocally set the scene : a young man is hiding in the mountains waiting for a boat to take him away - he was firing in the GPO in 1916 and on the run from the Police - in the dark he meets two shadowy figures in ancient dress who tell him they can lead to safe hiding - he eventually recognise them sa the ghost of Diarmuid MCMurrow and Grainne who seek his forgiveness for bring the Normas to ireland  (they have been cursed in death so that they may never touch each other until their sin is forgiven ) - he refuses and they disappear into the air.

Directed By Michael Scott

Designed by Bronwen Cassin 

Musical Director  - David Hayes 


Musicians:           -  Cynthia Buchan 

   - John Matthews

The Young Man     - Anthony Norton

The Old Man          - Nicholas Folwell

The Young Girl       -  Kathleen Tynan

Orchestra : Keyboards, Irish Harp, Fiddle, Uillean Pipes, Irish Whistles, Cello, Fiddle, French Horn, Percussion.