The Love Hungry Farmer

Acclaimed actor, Des Keogh has took John B. Keane's Letters from a Love-Hungry Farmer and adapted it into a one-man show. Keogh first performed The Love-Hungry Farmer at the Irish Repertory Theatre in New York in 2003.

The play was a huge success and was described by the New York Times as "fiercely serious and bruisingly hilarious". In particular, Keogh's performance was noted by critics alike to be outstanding. The Associated Press said "Keogh is a wonder, a master story teller".

The Love-Hungry Farmer is set in rural Ireland in the 1950's. John Bosco Mc Lane is a 56 year-old bachelor and virgin. He lives in his dilapidated and neglected tiny cottage alone. He is desperate for companionship but finding someone in the isolated community of Bannabeen proves quite difficult. The Love-Hungry Farmer decides to make contact with a professional matchmaker and avail of the services. The few previous chances for love that have presented themselves have all culminated in hilarious and humiliating ends.

John Bosco employs matchmaker Dicky Mick Dicky O'Connor to help him. He considers using modern technology to lure in someone to love and even ponders becoming a priest to remedy his problem!

The Love-Hungry Farmer swings expertly from comedy to tragedy; it can be outrageously funny while at the same time deeply moving. Des Keogh is renowned for his stellar performance in The Love-Hungry Farmer - a true John B. Keane treat!