The Trojan Women

in a version by Brendan Kennelly

This production which was directed by Michael Scott - took place at the "Empty Space" in the Smock Alley Theatre Complex, now the main space a the renovated building.

the setting was the original mud floor and there was a small lake which had been built for the rooms as part of its past as an exhibition space called the "Viking Experience"

It was used as a "found space" through consultation with Jean Guy Lecat, Costumes by Synan O Mahony 


In a version by Brendan Kennelly

In order of appearence

POSEIDON  (God of the Sea)  Mal Whyte

PALLA ATHENA (GodessImmaculate Akello

TALTHYIUS (A Greek Herald) Peter Gaynor

Hecuba (Widow of King Priam,

Mother of Hector)   Deirdra Morris

CASSANDRA (prophetess, daughter of Hecuba) Maureen O Connell

ANDOMACHE (Widow of Hector)  Catherine Byrne

MENELAUS (King Of Sparta) Lenny Hayden

HELEN (Wife of Menelaus)  Leigh Arnold

CHORUS  Mary McEvoy

WOMAN Sarah Patience Namehe

ASTANYX (Son to Hector) Ben Middleton or Jack Leavey 

SOLDIERS :Greg Rimmel & Seamus Brennan 


STAGE MANAGER Fergal O Doherty