THE YELLOW MAN - a theatre piece for children aged 3 to 8 years

based on the drawings, paintings, by Pauline Bewick

Written, Directed and staged by Michael Scott

with live Music - and musicians

'Follow the Yellow Man on his adventures with the local butterflies, ants and flowers - then go on a visit with him to the "Big City" in his little car and watch him dance the Tango - then home to bed to his faithful cat.'

The Children were invited to participate in the show and help with the music by bringing items they can use to make the sounds for the Yellow Man. There was a short workshop before the show to help the children create the music with the musicians.

The show was originally created at the RHA Gallagher Gallery in Ely Place Dublin in 1996, Children could see the exhibition, the show and had a painting workshop with Pauline Bewick . In 2006 we revived the show, and Rossa o Snodaigh from Kila did music workshops with the audience before the show

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A child. Man. Everyone.The Yellow Man is an innocent abroad - provocative, naive, knowing. In the vineyard, town, day or night - he is a lover of living, of dancing, of wine, people, babies, butterflies and trees.
...he doesn't make judgments, is not grasping. Like nature he is just there, simply there. He has no history. His vision is unattached to the past. He looks at an object without knowledge of it. His questions don't demand an answer. He is complete, yet open for more. His changing body doesn't surprise him. He's young, old, blushing, excited; his antennae flush, shrink and grow. He lives his silent life observing, alert, empty, without guilt, unconditioned - yet in tune, alone.

"He was a doodle. I was sitting in the sun on our balcony in Tuscany wondering what my next inspiration would be. I had been painting and writing "Ireland, An Artist's Year" but now having come to Italy on holiday, I had to leave the subject of Ireland behind . I was stuck, no ideas, artists block. My pen doodled with no mind behind it. Out came a figure of a Yellow Man standing on his hands naked amongst the rows of vines. Two little boys from next door ran up the steps."What are you doing?" "A Yellow Man" I answered. They ran away laughing. I suppose he was inspired by a small strong farmer who was always alone. Always smiling he appeared content in his solitude. Day in day out he worked in the rows of vines and trimmed the tendrils. He climbed the cherry trees and olive trees for their fruits bringing them home to his brother's family. But even amongst his family he seemed alone."

Pauline Bewick

The Yellow Man

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No - it’s the Yellow Man -

The Yellow Man is special. He lives in the mountains and with his extraordianry powers - some people see him as a force of nature. But he wants to get out and do the things that ordinary people do. He wants to go in a plane. He wants to drive. He’s seen a pair of snazzy shoes he really likes. He’d like to drink some wine and more than anything else, he loves to dance. Join him and his cat on the holiday of a lifetime as he breathes his own special magic into the sleepy Tuscan towns as he brings spring with him - with some hilarious consequences.

With a catchy live score by Michael Scott — Internationally reknowned artist and illustrator Pauline Bewick has recreated her multi-coloured, wildly inventive designs for this special stage production — a riot of colour and invention.

Actors and dancers, puppets and clowns all joined in this fast-paced comedy carnival.

The Yellow Man was aimed at young children and is a high-energy production with strong narrative interest and stimulating aural and visual senses. The play ran around forty minutes and was performed as part of an interactive session in which children got to paint, create stories and make music together.