Recent Productions 

The Vally Of The Squinting Windows 


Thesis a list of first year of productions many shows play for 3- 5 years in rep on tour, nationally and internationally

1984 - SONGS FOR  1984 -  (The Bandstand - St Stephen Green Dublin) 

            IMAGES In 1984 IN  BOWIE (Project Arts Centre)

1985 - FRAGMENTS OF ISABELLA (Isabella Leitner) (Damer Theatre Dublin) 

1986 - FRAGMENTS OF ISABELLA (Avignon Festival) (Espace Athanor)   

FRAGMENTS OF ISABELLA (Chapter Arts Centre Cardiff, Watermans Arts Centre, London) 

1987  - THE NORMAL HEART (By Larry Kramer) (Project Arts Centre)

1988 - THE NORMAL HEART (Irish National Tour) 

1990 - THE HOSTAGE (By Brendan Behan) (Tivoli Theatre Dublin) 

1991 - CAROUSEL ( by Rogers and Hammerstein) (Tivoli Theatre Dublin) 

1992 - THE COLUMBAN PAGEANT (Michael Scott, Peadar O Riada , Michael McCaffery) (Derry City ) 

1994 - THE YELLOW MAN (Pauline Bewick/Michael Scott/Brian Thunder) (RHA Downstairs) 

1995 - THE PLAYBOY OF THE WESTERN WORLD(J. M. Synge) (Ambassador Theatre)

1996 - ASPECTS OF LOVE (Andrew Lloyd Webber) (Olympia Theatre) 

THE CUCHULAIN CYCLE (W.B. Yeats/Michael Scott)  (RHA Downstairs) 

THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW  (Richard O'Brien)  (Olympia Theatre) 

1997 -

 DRACULA  (Michael Scott/after Bram Stoker) (RHA Downstairs) 

1998  - THE CUCHULAIN CYCLE (Riverside London) 

SOMETHING ABOUT US (Andrew Alty) (RHA Downstairs) 

PURGATORY (W.B Yeats/Michael Scott) (RHA Downstairs) 

1999 -  MYSTERIES 2000 (Various) (SFX City Theatre)

2000 - THE DREAMING OF THE BONES   (W.B Yeats/Michael Scott)  (SFX City Theatre)

2001 -  THE MATCHMAKER (John B. Keane) (Spirit Dublin & Irish National Tour) 

THE MATCHMAKER (John B. Keane) (Edinburgh Festival Assembly Rooms) 

THE MATCHMAKER (John B. Keane) (Video with Sony Ireland) 

2002 - THE BEHAN FESTIVAL (Brendan Behan/Michael McCaffery) 

THE MATCHMAKER (John B. Keane) (Irish Repertory Theatre - Off Broadway) 

THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES (Eve Ensler)  (SFX City Theatre)

2003 - THE SNOWMAN (Raymond Biggs /Howard Blake) (SFX City Theatre)

THE FIELD (John B.Keane)  (SFX City Theatre & Irish National Tour)

THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES (Eve Ensler)  (Irish National Tour)

2004 - SHIRLEY VALENTINE (Willie Russell) (Ardowhen Theatre Enniskillen & Irish National Tour) )

SANTA'S MYSTERY (Shay Healy /Michael Scott) (SFX City Theatre  & Irish National Tour) 

2005 - THIS LIME TREE BOWER (Conor McPhearson)  (Irish National Tour) 

SANTA & THE PRESENT PIRATES (Shay Healy /Michael Scott)  (Mill Theatre Dundrum & Irish National Tour)

SISTERS (Declan Hassett) (Everyman Theatre Cork  & Irish National Tour)

SISTERS (Declan Hassett) (Colorado International Festival )

SISTERS (Declan Hassett) ( Edinburgh Festival Assembly Rooms) 

THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES (Eve Ensler)  (Spirit,  Dublin & Irish National Tour)

2006 - WUTHERING HEIGHTS (Michael McCaffery) 

THE YELLOW MAN (Pauline Bewick/Michael Scott)  (SFX City Theatre)

SISTERS (Declan Hassett) (E59 - Off Broadway New York)   

THE TOYS SAVE SANTA  (Shay Healy /Michael Scott)  (SFX City Theatre  & Irish National Tour)

2007 -  INNOCENT MERRIMENT (Gilbert & Sullivan/Michael McCaffery) (Irish National Tour

ROY (Alec McAllister) (Cork Opera House  & Irish National Tour)

FRANK PIG SAYS HELLO  (Pat McCabe) (Garage Theatre Monaghan & Irish National Tour)

THE TROJAN WOMEN  (Brendan Kennelly) (The Empty Space at Smock Alley, Dublin) 

SANTA AND THE MAGIC CHRISTMAS TREE (Shay Healy /Michael Scott)  (SFX City Theatre & Irish National Tour)

SANTA & THE PRESENT PIRATES (Shay Healy /Michael Scott)  (Irish National Tour)

2008 - THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST (Oscar Wilde) (Mill Theatre Dundrum & Irish National Tour) )

JANE EYRE (Michael McCaffery) (Mill Theatre Dundrum & Irish National Tour) )

MRS. WHIPPY (Cecelia Ahern) (Liberty Hall Theatre ) 

WHACKER MURPHY ( Edwin Mullane) 

THE WOMAN IN BLACK (Suan Hill/John Mallatrap) (Civic Theatre Dublin & Irish National Tour) 

2009 -  LIFE AFTER LOVE (Billie Traynor) (Irish National Tour) 

MRS. WHIPPY (Cecelia Ahern) (Royal Theatre Balliasloe  & Irish National Tour)

 LOVE LETTERS   (Gurney ) (Tivoli Theatre, Dublin) 

A WISH FOR SANTA (Mill Theatre Dundrum & Irish National Tour)

2010 - DRACULA (Michael Scott/Bram Stoker ) (Tivoli Theatre, Dublin) 

GODS OFFICIAL  (Civic Theatre Dublin & Irish National Tour) 

HERE COMES SANTA (Shay Healy /Michael Scott) (Mill Theatre Dundrum & Irish National Tour) )

 A WISH FOR SANTA (Shay Healy /Michael Scott) (Mill Theatre Dundrum & Irish National Tour) )

MY FIRST TIME  (Eileen Kavanagh) (Worshop - Venue Theatre Ratoath)

2011 -  ONE (Michael Scott)  (Project Arts Centre)

2012 -  LOVE LETTERS (Gaiety Theatre)

SANTA AND THE SNOW QUEEN (Shay Healy /Michael Scott) (Wexford Arts Centre & Irish National Tour)

2013 - THE ADVENTURES OF SANTA (Shay Healy /Michael Scott) ( Irish National Tour)

WAG  (Gemma Doorly) (Civic Thearte Dublin) 

2014 - THE MATCHMAKER (John B. Keane) (Everyman Theatre, Cork & Irish National Tour)

THE MATCHMAKER (John B. Keane) (Edinburgh Festival,  Assembly-  Georges Square) 

KEEPING ABREAST (Eileen Kavanagh) (Edinburgh Festival,  Assembly-  Georges Square) 

SANTA AND THE NAGELS (Shay Healy /Michael Scott) (Irish National Tour)

2015 - SONGS FROM THE SWANS AT COOLE (W.B. Yeats /Michael Scott) (Pavilion Theatr, Dunlaoghaire & Irish National Tour)

THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING HONEST (Billie Traynor) (Viking Theatre, Dublin  & Irish National Tour)

THE MATCHMAKER (John B. Keane) (Gaiety Theatre, Dublin & Irish National Tour)) 

2016 - THE UNSUNG HERO (David Gilna /Michael Scott) (Theatre UpStairs Dublin)

SONGS FROM THE SWANS AT COOLE (W.B. Yeats /Michael Scott)(Millennium forum Derry) 

2017 - THE SUCCESSFUL TD (John B. Keane/Mary McEvoy/Jon Kenny/Michael Scott) (Gaiety Theatre Dublin & Irish National Tour)) 

2018 -  AS TIME GOES BY (Susie Kennedy) (Draoicht Blanchardstown) 

THE SUCCESSFUL TD (John B. Keane/Mary McEvoy/Jon Kenny/Michael Scott) (Irish National Tour)

SONGS FROM THE SWANS AT COOLE (W.B. Yeats /Michael Scott)( Seamus Heany Homeplace) 

2019 - THE VALLEY OF THE SQUINTING WINDOWS( Michael Scott after Brinsely MacNamara) (Mullingar Arts Centre ) 

THE MATCHMAKER (John B. Keane) (Gaiety Theatre Dublin & Irish National Tour))